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i've been up since 9 am without stopping. so i'll write about today tomorrow. but in the meantime, allow me to show you some pictures i took today because it snowed here. quite a bit. 4 inches. supposedly the most it has gotten in 15 years or so. said some pub goers. many beyond the lj cut tag. be wary.

snow-filled sarcophagi.

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Re: wandered over from misterbigbowl's

all my classes were in king's manor aside from latin and paleography at the borthwick.

alistair and n. h. were (well, n h still is) like the two stereotypical medieval lit profs of york. i kept having this image of n. h. strutting about in a robin hood costume and that got me through a lot of classes.

i have to write n.h. because once someone from york found my journal by doing a search for this professor. unfortunately it was followed by something like, 'n. "i'm a big fat whore" mcd.' which was my friendly nickname for another professor. anyway. it was bad news and my descriptions of nh weren't very flattering either. and of course, this is one of the few public entries. so we shan't have any of that googling working here and giving me away. oh dear. maybe i should hide the a. m. comments just in case. now this is just a frightful case of initials. oh! i feel like i'm in a 19th century mystery novel! all names have been censored to protect the innocent.


l. h. of __________shire.


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