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snowy york

i've been up since 9 am without stopping. so i'll write about today tomorrow. but in the meantime, allow me to show you some pictures i took today because it snowed here. quite a bit. 4 inches. supposedly the most it has gotten in 15 years or so. said some pub goers. many beyond the lj cut tag. be wary.

snow-filled sarcophagi.

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You're getting some excellent pictures with that little camera. Thanks for posting them.

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i like the snow filled sarcophagi!

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Beautiful! You are really making me homesick with these shots. I haven't seen snow in lightyears. Of course, the romantic aspect of snow often takes a backseat when one is confronted with the reality of the bitter cold that is associated with it, lol.

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So pretty!

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i know this is a really old journal entry, but wow!

these pictures are especially gorgeous.

i love them. :)

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thanks! well, i can take very little credit. york is just an amazingly beautiful city. especially when it snows. i hadn't looked at these pictures in a long time. it makes me kind of miss the place. strange memories and all...

wandered over from misterbigbowl's

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wow i love these pictures. york was so lovely, i try not to look at my old pictures because i miss it so much. if you don't mind, i'm gonna steal some of these pictures for my desktop wallpaper.

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yeah knock yerself out there.

did you go to the university of york as well?

do you recognise king's manor?

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thanks. yeah i spent a semester abroad there, alcuin college. my chaucer course was at king's manor, prof. minnis? i think. great pictures. i have a couple of the same shots, except no snow. what college were you at, what year? or are you still there?

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whoa. you had alistair for a semester? you're very lucky.

man. that's strikin it gold coming to york for a semester abroad and getting him. was that an undergrad course? what did you read? what was it about? i felt very cheated being a bona fide grad student there and getting a newly phd'ed dissertation advisor. i know a lot of other people who felt that way.

anyway. i lived about 2 blocks away from king's manor near the jackson's if you know where i'm talking about.

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i was suppose to take one general surveys class along with the other exchange lit students, but i weasled my way into taking chaucer and another upper-division lecture, doing mystery cycles & other medieval dramas. i'm pretty sure they were undergrad course. yeah, i don't think i realized then how lucky i was, it was so perfect, studying medieval lit at medieval york. it must've been even greater for you. i wish i had gone to grad school there.

for chaucer, we did good women, troilus and crisiyde(sic?), parliament of fowles, couple cantebury tales, and some other shorter stuff i forget. there were like 5 ppl in my class and we held class in the prof's cluttered office up the cramped stairs in king's manor. he was great, had the whole absent-minded english prof. thing going on. by the end of the semester, i think my middle english was better than the pathetic yorkshire accent i was trying to feign. it must've been so nice to live in the middle of york. i liked wandering lost in the city, munching on chicken tikka pasties and dinky donuts. what'd you do your thesis on?

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all my classes were in king's manor aside from latin and paleography at the borthwick.

alistair and n. h. were (well, n h still is) like the two stereotypical medieval lit profs of york. i kept having this image of n. h. strutting about in a robin hood costume and that got me through a lot of classes.

i have to write n.h. because once someone from york found my journal by doing a search for this professor. unfortunately it was followed by something like, 'n. "i'm a big fat whore" mcd.' which was my friendly nickname for another professor. anyway. it was bad news and my descriptions of nh weren't very flattering either. and of course, this is one of the few public entries. so we shan't have any of that googling working here and giving me away. oh dear. maybe i should hide the a. m. comments just in case. now this is just a frightful case of initials. oh! i feel like i'm in a 19th century mystery novel! all names have been censored to protect the innocent.


l. h. of __________shire.

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although it IS very funny and telling that doing a search for a medieval lit professor came up with my LJ as the number one google search back in the day.

i don't know what it says. perhaps that my lj is more popular than a medievalist's online bibliography.

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hehe. after similar blogging incidents like yours happened to me, i decided to remove any personal information that could trace back my words to me. anyways, thanks for bringing back some fond memories. mind if i add you to my friends list? my list is quite sparse, i could use some more interesting entries on my friend's page.

Re: wandered over from misterbigbowl's

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shore. i added you too!