Re: wandered over from misterbigbowl's

Date: 2004-05-15 11:27 am (UTC)
i was suppose to take one general surveys class along with the other exchange lit students, but i weasled my way into taking chaucer and another upper-division lecture, doing mystery cycles & other medieval dramas. i'm pretty sure they were undergrad course. yeah, i don't think i realized then how lucky i was, it was so perfect, studying medieval lit at medieval york. it must've been even greater for you. i wish i had gone to grad school there.

for chaucer, we did good women, troilus and crisiyde(sic?), parliament of fowles, couple cantebury tales, and some other shorter stuff i forget. there were like 5 ppl in my class and we held class in the prof's cluttered office up the cramped stairs in king's manor. he was great, had the whole absent-minded english prof. thing going on. by the end of the semester, i think my middle english was better than the pathetic yorkshire accent i was trying to feign. it must've been so nice to live in the middle of york. i liked wandering lost in the city, munching on chicken tikka pasties and dinky donuts. what'd you do your thesis on?
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