i liked this one a lot. enough to make it public, even. somehow it spoke uncannily to the mood recently. and maybe uncannily to the mood for all 6 years of my journal's existence.

Haiku2 for littlelamb
just turn it around
and make her happy for a
ride to kew she said
Created by Grahame

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that is one nifty cool haiku generator

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I'm glad to see you are still around!
how are things for you?
I don't really post much here anymore,to addicted to myspace,but I always read adn I thought you had just dissapeared.Where are you living these days?
Anyways,I hope all is well!

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glad you liked it
i wish i knew why everyone was so down
i'm sorry you're sad

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maybe you're not logging into see your friends list and everything is filtered :P

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Please excuse the random intrusion (I was clicking around randomly and then had to remember the password for this very old journal to post a comment!), but I was wondering if you could tell me where the picture on your journal background is from? I like it very much :)

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I found you in [livejournal.com profile] imperfecthearts. I think your journal is interesting and I hope you don't mind my adding you.